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Monitor Archive for May 13, 1985

Peace Contest 2010: readers respond
Brock moves to mend frayed relations between Labor Department and unions
Rite-of-passage tale of rural New York
Nigerian masters of terra cotta
Elementary visiting night
Maya culture comes dramatically to life in art show
A father and son discover biking -- and much more
A wet and wild New Year's celebration. Water splashing and rockets mark south China's most exotic festival
Does God answer prayer?
Navy's men of action exchange ideas with contemplative `Johnnies'
FAA and airlines try to cut delays as summer travel approaches
Tax reform a sideshow next to the need for continued deficit cutting
Sikh violence returns to India. Bomb blasts point to struggle by extremists to dominate Sikh movement
Producer prices up
New York's `merci'
Steve Garvey is a leader on and off field for the San Diego Padres
The oil stock play has been hot on Wall Street, but is it waning?
French commercials --something to savor, even in theaters and a museum
Irish rock band aims straight for the heart with message of unquenchable hope
Honduran political crisis casts status as democracy into doubt
Drought edges toward Nile. With famine deepening in Sudan, even villages within 30 miles of the river are being abandoned
Nation of readers
When children come knocking, and selling, at your door
Outside Washington, a calmer look at US-Japan trade issues
The need for literature in a technological age
`Niagara Falls': artwork combining sculpture and TV
A poet scanning clay
Fortress America: diplomacy and security