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Monitor Archive for May 10, 1985

Some predict new surge in US inflation. Money supply climb causes concern, but most economists see stable rate
Attack on acid rain. US states and Canada take the initiative
Supreme Court expected to act soon on highly charged church-state cases
Mitterrand's definitive `French' stance wins him kudos at home
Defense contractors under assault from Washington reformers
Trading With Japan
Baseball's best-of-seven playoffs will be fairer championship test
Boyd's British caricature of US is craggy oyster without a pearl
A remote Indian village keeps alive the arts of its ancestors
A mother's letters: `Age does not mean much'
Where pupils take on Plato one-on-one: the Great Books program at St. John's
Yugoslavia's Plitvice -- a well-kept secret. National park's awesome beauty ranks with Norway's fjords
India pins its tourism hopes to America-wide festival this summer
Sudan to block aid to famine victims in Ethiopia. No food to cross without Ethiopia's. OK, Sudan leader says in interview
Soares rebuilds Portugal's ties to Europe
50 years later, FDR's rural agency still lights up farmers' lives
Steppenwolf Theatre Company's exploration of orphaned lives
Taking a chance (a big chance) on romance
Rediscovered Chekhov play superbly blends wit and wisdom
A room of one's own -- or, eight years inside a Faberg'e egg
Travel discounts for seniors are there for the asking
India's romantic Rajasthan, land of legendary splendor
Attack on acid rain. Two-track effort under way: step up research, cut down on pollution
Nothing to bandy about
Death of black in police custody prompts inquiry
Freewheeling through France. Bicycle touring is not incompatible with comfort, cuisine
Reagan finds warmer winds in Portugal. Portuguese, unlike Spanish, voice no opposition to US use of base
GOP Right wonders how Reagan will fare. Conservative Republicans divided on Reagan's 2nd-term performance
Scientific Christian healing
Baseball standings and statistics. Including games of Wednesday, May 8
A toot for Seattle's Showboat
Solstice hay
Jordan's Queen makes stereotype-correcting visit

Soviet Union remembers its role in ending World War II. But leaders turn ceremonies to political ends
Steaming up the Norwegian coast: breathtaking vistas, native charm
Sale of 2 Murdoch papers may shift news climate in N.Y.; Chicago on course
Ortega's Moscow visit pushes US Congress toward aid to Nicaraguan rebels
Attack on acid rain. High-flying pollution
Small-business people in New England say tax reform must not dump incentives
Kips Bay Boys' Club Show House. A treasure-trove of helpful ideas for interior design
Comic game of male bonds and locker room humor