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Monitor Archive for May 1, 1985

Paying extra to waive `deductible' for rental cars may be a sound step
Children's theater -- fresh-hatched from the imagination of real kids
Andrei Gavrilov -- USSR's fiery orator of the keyboard
What's cooking in America: discussions and demonstrations
US, Turkey near accord on military bases
Spanish suspicion of US bases and NATO may ruffle Reagan visit
Now April
Janet Lewis's moral tales enjoy a resurgence
Despite failure of envoy's trip, US sticks to search for team to talk with Israel
A home near the Pyramids
A Yugoslav's victory plows new ground in and old defense
Bouffier's gift
What makes `The Cosby Show' TV's top situation comedy?
Los Angeles fights toxic-waste dumpers with tough new tactics
Must Hearne remain in Turner's shade?
Can Israel get extra US aid without reform?
Canada edges toward self-government for native peoples
Relief pitchers trade places; the case for Hrbek; Rose scouts too
Spring and all: poetry just for the love of it
Timely summit
Spacelab-3 device to break new ground in study of atmospheres
Philippines: reforms to stave off civil war
Oysters and chops for 106 years
News In Brief
Destroying devils
Hitchcock-style thriller takes a controversial look at pornography
US weighs impact of a Nicaragua embargo
A Pacific partnership between the Philippines and the US
Tips for teens hunting summer jobs
Bruce Marks is dancing from wings at Ballet West to spotlight at ballet Boston
A critic's plain-spoken views of American literature since 1941
Fingerprint of light helps foil record pirates, other counterfeiters