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Monitor Archive for April 8, 1985

`Slugger's Wife': a refreshing if shallow Neil Simon comedy-drama
Humility reigns
In famine-stricken Chad, poor roads severely hinder relief efforts. Nation size of Texas has never had more than 120 miles of paved road
Korean Peninsula: the next step
US takes cautious stance toward new Sudan government. Nimeiry's unpredictability, shaky economy prompted coup
In a word, help!
Vice-President tries to tackle Brazil's economic problems
I was in the market for something graceful
Who's feeding whose cats?
New tapestry continues Chicago's love affair with artist Chagall
The animals on Wall Street shuffle to a slow, indecisive beat
Art forms in the east village
Getting a pro sports team to come to town is as serious as corralling a big business
PBS takes an inconclusive look at the crisis in Central America
`We're just going to love her'
Essays for sports lovers, and a guide for freshwater fish watchers
Bradley running far ahead of mayoral field in Los Angeles
UN dollar-a-year man tries to streamline flow of aid to Africa
Tuition vouchers: Should parents set school policy?
In Arab lands, a revolution in education. Oil money, independence have spurred rise of educated class. This article is based on the author's visits...
White supremacist groups on decline. Membership dropoff and arrests by FBI have curbed recent activities
Civilization's vital function
Women's rights in China: Carma Hinton interviewed
`A Sample of Our Lessons.'
A window on women's lives in rural China
Many top stars wearing new uniforms as baseball season begins
`Freeze plus reform equals growth'
The umps are bellowing: `Play ball' BY]By Larry Eldridge
The dogs and I on our morning walk