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Monitor Archive for April 5, 1985

Poverty in the US: why hasn't it disappeared?
President heads for ranch with his briefcase bulging ; His agenda shows signs of `slipping' as unfinished business mounts
The vote that counts
Playing a numbers game: Stanford steps up its efforts to attract top math students
`I was on my way to the boulangerie . . .'
City, country: a look at contrasts
Healing the body: transplant or transform?
Landscape magazine: culture through the lens of human geography
Nicaragua's rebels: numbers and civilian support are growing
TV coming to the fairy-tale Kingdom of Nepal
US praises Colombian government for drug crackdown. Two presidents meet in Washington; officials note `impressive' progress
PEACE 2010. Excerpts from the essay by Mark Sarkady and Ellen Meyer, Cambridge, Mass.
Refinding fiction
Bookshelves. Build, stack, or hide them -- in hallways, closets, windows
Between soft covers
EPA acts to clean up Massachusetts Bay
Salvador's shifting allegiances. Rightist coalition falls apart as Army upholds Duarte party's victory
N.Y.C.'s US attorney speaks out on the criminal justice system
Ambivalence in Antigua: leaving childhood behind
The life of Kenneth Clark: high-power gossip, low-power biography
New Zealand. A colorful people and a land of contrast
Communists jockeyfor position in Greece's coming national election
Jerusalem and its future
Ask an architect
Art and angst in Paris: the view from Harvard
Basketball's `Whopper' has whale of record in sight; Jordan commercially hot
First step toward freedom is `deciding' to break out of poverty. Monitor reporter sums up his observations on plight of poor
House Armed Services chairman takes aim at Pentagon pensions
Papandreou calls for new elections. Greek prime minister hopes to catch the opposition off-balance
In their search for spiritual values, more Americans are returning to religion. Young people take the lead, but question some church traditions
Profits in hospital care: how good an Rx? . Big merger of hospital, supply firms sparks a debate on the private route
Election season comes to Canada
A rising star in arts publishing
The luxuries of Xanadu cannot compare
Point of renewal
`King David': Old Testament story is edited for suspense, not insight
Encouraging tomorrow's teachers. Trinity University scholarship program seeks to attract `best and brightest' students to ranks of a beleaguered pro...
Royals trying to stay a step ahead in baseball's weakest division
Tips on rental deposits
Carcanet publishers: caviar for the masses?
Spate of books on Vietnam