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Monitor Archive for April 26, 1985

Education reforms may suffer as more pupils sap limited funds
The next president
My neighbor stops
Trying to fulfill `promise' of new antidrug programs. Students eschew scare tactics and opt for more subtle efforts
American and Russian recall Elbe meeting
PEACE 2010
Free time? Read your car manual
Spacelab mission set for launch; monkeys join shuttle's crew
U-Haul expanding its rentals beyond vans
Carmakers stick with rear-wheel drive
For economical car performance, choose the right gasoline
Shedding the abacus, Japan sprints into the information age
Diamond in the mud
One man remembers the fall of Saigon10 years later
Broadway's engaging musical version of `Huck Finn'
Curtail immigration
News In Brief
Spring eases Romania's harsh austerity measures -- slightly
Methanol and ethanol
Bedroom storage up the wall
Syria helps settle latest Lebanese Cabinet crisis
Ask An Architect
East and West summits offer time for taking stock
South Korea -- rights and progress
Lawyer ethics is on trial in high-profile Union Carbide suit
Active life, caring parents are common to several youths who say `no' to drugs
TV programs dig deep into the `living-room' war
Some blacks in S. Africa agree to relocate. Government grants some concessions in Crossroads
Protecting the global economy's growth
Mogul's daughter bungles RKO story
Probing the government's role in hostile takeover attempts
Talk with a prizewinning student playwright, and a look at his play
English-speaking Canadians want their children to be bilingual. `French immersion' programs may lead to marketable skill