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Monitor Archive for April 25, 1985

Fashion today:a sociologist's dilemma
The Met's back -- with something for everyone; `Strange Snow'
Do-it-yourself instructions for maintaining a car's coolant system
Gawky fantasy of a lady who's a hawk
Lawson trumpets Britain's robust economy. Chancellor of the Exchequer says nation's at top of European league
With elections ahead, Italy moves to control a staggering deficit
A short history of the station wagon
News In Brief
Baseball and the Red Sox ain't what they used to be -By- By Bruce Allen
From the pens of many, a richness of ideas for peace. Excerpts from an essay by Erazim Koh'ak of Vienna, Austria
Dole ready to give budget priority over any contra-aid plan
All you ever wanted to know about dogs
Soviets combat drunknness, which costs millions
Of neighbors and gardens
Boston's Paramount could become dance school for youths
A contract for peace
Even the brief encounters
Taking serenity seriously
New Jersey closes its spigots as drought lingers
Freeze Frames
Troubles bubble in Chicago sewer project. Tunnel system to be dedicated next month; half remains unfinished
India, China grapple with grain surplus
Legislating morality: rise of `social responsibility' laws

Peace 2010. From the pens of many, a richness of ideas for peace. Excerpts from an essay by James H. Andrews of Warson Woods, Mo.
From the pens of many, a richness of ideas for peace. Last September The Christian Science Monitor invited its readers to enter a contest--Peace 201...
Hamburger frills
New advances in nuclear fusion boost program with a rocky past
For Atlanta users of new computer link it's `Georgia on my line'
Bergen-Belsen: lest we forget the others
Bay State mystery: Kennedy's plans for '88
A spring training checklist for super automotive performance
The day the Allied Army knew it had won the war in Europe

US reaffirms its 35-year ties to South Korea. Security, as always, is key topic for Reagan-Chun summit today
Sky full of swallows
Nostalgia and the need for change
Spring in New England
While the fence was down