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Monitor Archive for April 24, 1985

Carter's press image
Insurance added to good yields gives municipal bonds new appeal
Gorbachev puts his mark on the Soviet leadership
Whether domestic or import, luxury-car sales are on the rise
Reagan tests strategy for congressional budget battle
Simple, imaginative food from an innovative people
`Heroes and the Test of Time' looks at Custer and Eakins
Confronting genocide
Deciphering a car's squeals, ticks, knocks, and roars
The end of May in San Gimignano
Philippine opposition faces a rocky road in uniting its ranks. It has yet to choose challenger to Marcos
You can resist temptation
Like McEnroe vs. Lendl,the takeover pace is hot
Stewards of the language
United States policies: Is foreign support necessary
Geneva: new arms race more likely than restraint. But Reagan still has opportunity to reach accord
PEACE 2010. A global conflict management system, step by step
Israel keeps officially silent on Reagan trip to avoid offending US
Minivans on the move. A market that hardly existed 18 months ago heats up
Spain begins process of amending abortion law
Whatever became of `overkill'? The word, that is
She taught me `shizuka'
Venice for the vacationer: Links's guide long on pleasures, short on treasures
Realism, idealism: possible roads to peace
When to use American power
US economic growth shows new signs of weakening . But March consumer prices may overstate inflation
Echoes of Vietnam sound on Capitol Hill as Congress nears vote on `contra' aid
3 judges refuse to hear anti-apartheid cases. In Berkeley, Calif., refusal sparks questions about role of the judiciary
Two-team excitement returns to New York; Giants back to basics
Pianist Murray Perahia: big talent under a low profile
Magic show with a college education
Diplomatic expulsions sour bonhomie of British-Soviet relations
Slender spears of delicious elegance