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Monitor Archive for April 22, 1985

When will the little investor start buying? Scant cause seen now, but one analyst sees attractive market by year-end
President's policies stalling on Capitol Hill. Uproar over Reagan's trip could slow his agenda on Capitol Hill
Meeting the needs of children and day-care centers
To protect car finishes -- start washing and waxing
High-tech, low-cost cars coming from Detroit's Big Three
Taiwan walks fine line in murder trial
Lag in 1st-quarter GNP:a blip, or a signal the recovery is flagging?
Maternal love and its impact on moral life in Gordon's `Men and Angels'
Puzo's `The Sicilian' portrays an unheroic Mafia
Soviets twist Pakistan's arm over aid to Afghan guerrillas
A German soldiers' cemetery in France
Centralized electronics: window to tomorrow's cars
Oversight on FBI quizzing
Israel plans Lebanon pullout by June 1. Cabinet decides that no Israeli troops will remain in security zone
Hispanic family ties are cause and cure of dropout dilemma
Echoing evil or honoring God?
Dale Berra says playing for his father on the Yankees is like `a dream come true'
West German goals for Reagan visit: reconciliation and self-respect
Some farmers and unions -- not always friends -- join forces
George Bellows: a world of passionate coloration in black and white
New Zealanders brace for riots as rugby team prepares to go to S. Africa
How citizens and businesses rally round when a takeover threat strides into town
Portrait of a conversation
Corea keynote: `Play only what you hear'
West German leader trapped in no-win situation. Kohl's invitation to Reagan to visit cemetery has burdened relations
How the children of NYC helped feed the children of Ethiopia. Story of kids who raise $250,000 in two weeks, airlift supplies
PEACE 2010. Peace process grows out of Middle East settlement