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Monitor Archive for April 18, 1985

IMF predicts slowdown in world economic growth. Prospect worries less-developed countries trying to repay large debts
Illegal immigration goes comic in `Two Can Play'
High-performance Pontiac 6000 STE
Space station gains momentum. NASA awards contracts worth $138 million to fine-tune project's design . . .
European youth eager to help in third world
Style stretchers. Joffrey Ballet masters many moods
The Democrats' future: it must be earned
Small farms have easier time avoiding large debts. A big part of their success lies in using less hired labor, study says
US overreactions: past and present
Old-fashioned self-interest links Chrysler and Mitsubishi
Frustrated? try loving what's divinely true

China spells out position on easing tensions with Vietnam
Doris Bunte: Hub's housing director knows territory from the ground up
Nervy, intelligent `Lost in America' puts Albert Brooks on the map
Getting food to the hungry a job for skilled managers. Boston Food Bank funnels supplies to local charities
Tax-cheat rationale: unfair IRS
Straitened Saudi finances may hit outsiders. Oil decline, home expertise could cut level of big projects by foreigners
Poet's letters, history atlas
Getting food to the hungry a job for skilled managers. Boston Food Bank funnels supplies to local charities
Lunch, not launch
One homeless and hungry woman in Boston tells of her trials -- and her hopes
Gardeners for the hungry
Library professionals: fighting for comparable pay
British press -- not readers -- hound princess over Nazi father
Boston Mayor Flynn's campaign for new taxes entering crucial weeks
Search for `dead' quasars may strengthen case for black holes
US involvement in South Africa
Athol Fugard drama; melancholic `Swan Lake'; ART boomtown play
The Met: lustrous high points, frustrating lows
`Good night, Aunt Joyce'
US judge urges Bhopal aid. Union Carbide and victims' lawyers to draft relief plan
Public safety vs. use of `deadly force'. Realistic simulations help train Florida cops how to respond in crisis situations
The Eight against the tastemakers