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Monitor Archive for April 17, 1985

S. Africa considers new interim rule in Namibia
Central America-- US gaining initiative? Reagan approach appears to make more progress than Contadora talks
South Africa: US should press publicly
With an eye toward Mideast peace, US welcomes Algerian leader
Loss of two race laws in S. Africa vexes right wing. Some see end of ban on interracial marriage as dramatic reform
European mollusks travel to the coast of Maine
Broadway serves up a tempting picnic of memories
Cities frustrated by garbage pileups look closer at recycling
Literary criticism for readers -- not academics
Traditions fade as `superfarm' era looms
Sid Caesar: `Your Show of Shows' star gets award; talks about humor, happiness
South Africa investment fought. Student protests part of growing opposition to apartheid
Guilt & innocence
Rounding up answers on bank and S&L deposit insurance
Explaining `creative Marxism' to America
THE LIVE OAK SOCIETY of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation Inc. Constitution
Smith, Weidenbach turn Boston Marathon into solo journeys
Japan's echo of `His Master's Voice' still true to consumer electronics
Zimbabwe peasants reap huge harvest
People's marathon
Contemporary art: Of what use is it?
Embracing the world in prayer
Traditions fade as `superfarm' era looms
A society of solid members. To save endangered trees, an ecology initiative ahead of its time.
Living by the symbol
When editors meet
Simple sauces for a springtime vegetable -- asparagus