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Monitor Archive for April 10, 1985

Summer workers may get pay cut. Reagan revives `subminimum wage' idea as way to create teen jobs
Possible Taiwan government role in murder strains ties with US
Georgian folk dancing: it's as hard as it looks
Delivering `voice mail' by personal computer: the latest in office technology
`Economy of scale' guides homebuilders in today's market
High cost of homes can make renting an attractive alternative
Rock-and-roll musical `Leader of the Pack' varooms onto Broadway Leader of the Pack Musical entertainment with music and lyrics by Ellie Greenwich,...
A Soviet arms bid and old rabbits
EARTH walk
Celebrations of Bach: some brazen, some bewitching, some so-so
When a bowl of fish becomes a meal
Real estate investment trusts regain public confidence
Times have changed the real estate game. Appreciation and tax shelters no longer pave the road to profits
Tax write-offs lose, cash returns gain, in '80s investing climate
Subtract the emotional values when it's time to sell your home
Washington to Democrats: don't sell minorities short
How novelists think they ought to live
Beyond Disney: Orlando deals with demands of new industry, young homebuyers
Sunday paper and a reliable broker help ease the condo quest
In Parma, they keep their cheese in the bank
Gearing up for the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival
On tiptoes of steel. Russians amaze London with daring leaps and crash-knee landings
The potato: inauspicious roots for an indispensable tuber
Cambridge joins other cities offering sanctuary to illegal aliens.
Investing in a house to rent calls for some careful homework
India brings its Bhopal claim against Union Carbide to US. Multinational corporations like Carbide must be made liable for their worldwide operation...
Big risks, big gains fight it out on over-the-counter market
A South African novelist distracted by reality
Farm credit crunch easing now, but next fall could be tough
Japan's market opening: more rhetoric than real change?
US and Turkey enter new phase of closer ties in trade, security
Two wonderful childhoods
A calm, complete guide through real estate woods
Getting a big tax refund? It's an idle boast. If you don't overpay other creditors, why IRS, asks author with some tips
MX: a bargaining chip or a bad bargain?
The rent-income tax cut
Western scholar's view on what Gorbachev will do to improve economy
Enjoying eternity now
Sudan's new military leaders face familiar problems
How the day comes down
London police try to restore confidence in the bobby on the beat
Making matzos for the passover seder