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Monitor Archive for March 6, 1985

Some states plan to reduce taxes, but cuts are being made warily
Light, order, and fierceness
France's trendy Grenoble leads the way by slowing down
Confidence, electricity, and a unique sound. Pianist Andr'e Watts offers startling technical feats without gimmicks
A voice for the weak and needy
The artichoke: an immature flower with taste
Thomas Jefferson: steering a middle course
`Iron Fist' and trade
US concerns over technology transfer may ground joint space project with Europe
Marcos aides chip away at power of Philippines' ruling party and leader
Soviet journal on religious dissent may embarrass Kremlin
`World's richest growers' beginning to feel farm crisis. Key overseas markets for rice, cotton, other crops dwindle
Money funds tied to US bonds adding good yields to safety
A treaty hangs in limbo down under. Lange takes an economic risk over antinuclear stance
Aseptic packaging adds convenience, lowers costs
Retton, not resting on Olympic laurels, wins third American Cup
Rejecting Saul
Saturday under the sky
Television dramas: helpful or harmful?
TV NEWS. AFTER WESTMORELAND. Two top TV news executives examine the effect of libel suits on network news practices, the role of the on-camera repor...
Virginia Woolf -- and an old-fashioned family comedy