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Monitor Archive for March 5, 1985

Pittsburgh citizens not surprised city is tops
Canada's Senate revives an old, great debate: its own existence
Several '84 Olympic stars are in the spotlight again
US, other nations boosting Africa famine aid
Sandinistas seek to grant Indian self-rule, despite rebel opposition. Key Indian opposition leader broke off talks with Nicaragua, saying he doubts...
Antebellum allure, Indian lore, and pleasant people great visitors in . . . Natchez
Japanese imports
Sheila spoke well of us
How scientists visualize the Fourth Dimension. Computer graphics make a baffling concept tangible
Farm crisis unifies Democrats. But Reagan's hold on voters still frustrates them
Questions over Marcos and military changes spark coup rumors
The healing power of God's mercy
Population growth: A critical North-South issue? Debate over abortion delays US funding for UN population programs
Donor nations seek long-term solutions to famine in Africa
Bridging the gap between weapons scientists and protesters
After the British coal strike
Survey shows gardening is top outdoor activity in US
The rain forest: splendors imperiled
How Eastern Airlines was able to dodge the strike that Pan American couldn't
New Zealanders divided over planned rugby tour to S. Africa
Sinclair Lewis on Carol's revolt
Unique styles of expression
Freshness and style at the Mirror Rep: `Madwoman' and `Clarence'
American writers talk about their craft
Probing the limits of the Western alliance
Should the Fed be more open in its money policy?
Phoenix gives America West Airlines a lift
The designed herb garden: imagination, function, and fragrance
It pays to grow your own small potatoes
The Stockman saga
Soviet Union's hidden defense costs
Still life with love