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Monitor Archive for March 22, 1985

Congress may put the brakes on Pentagon's revolving door to private defense jobs
The Chaise. Luxurious lounge fashion: from traditional to modern
Physical fitness is much more than a game: one educator's view
Return of the `mountie' . Mounted police units are enjoying a resurgence in cities across the nation, thanks to their proven usefulness
Theo and I and our hometown dig
For these children from Chinatown, drama celebrates an ancient heritage
Like weather in March, the new superpower relationship runs both hot and cold
Mall chic
Lost: one prince; one white horse
A glimpse inside the electronic courtroom of the future
There's no arguing the benefits of speech and debate
Cavs turning into basketball `haves'; USFL's television outlook
China launches into space technology with help from the US and Europe
Armageddon and the Comforter
Dublin's Irish identity begins to make itself heard in London
For the college-bound, `outlisting' the competition rarely works
Grumbles in Hungary. As party meets next week, economic crisis irks public
Education beyond the classroom. L.A.'s Superschool keeps children learning after 2:45
Australia, lagging in science and technology, needs big leap forward
Taking inventory and preserving memories with home videos
Public school vouchers: not a good idea
Lebanese refugees flee as Israelis hit areas near Sidon
Unionists welcome Brock to labor post but are skeptical of warmer White House ties
TV comes to India: a talk with its top broadcast official
A turnaround company finds its home in the sunny West
Upended? New rule is making Texans question the balance of academics and extracurriculars
Canada's famous Mounties rarely see a horse these days
Giving them a reason to stay: the Sports School in East Harlem
Ask an Architect
John Hancock grants new life to intramurals in Boston's junior highs
Britain and the Middle East: differing views
With Twyla Tharp, sometimes the story counts more than the steps
Making sure your child's free time isn't overlooked -- or overbooked
Mother never got a bad apple
Bisset gives performance of her career in superb CBS version of `Anna Karenina'
NATO chief cites improvements as reducing threat from Soviets
Portland, Ore.'s, eccentric uncle of a mayor
Iraq turns up the heat on Iran