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Monitor Archive for March 20, 1985

Savings safety
Peter Jennings's new boss
Bangladesh's military leader puts his rule up for vote March 21
ABC merger likely to generate spinoff sales. But both shareholders and the FCC must first agree to the deal
Dining in England: when in doubt, go Indian
Brazil. Farmers, fortune-seekers pack their bags for Brazil's wild west
Taxpayers vs. computer
Baked custard: always a favorite, with or without ducks' eggs
MX debate turns Senate into `Super Bowl of lobbying'
`Pascal's Lemma,' one of the best arguments yet for computer art
Duck's Breath -- America's answer to Monty Python?
`Disappearances' in Matabeleland help Mugabe's party
Worksheet can help you plan your retirement savings
A dictionary to read from cover to cover
Looking to the future
College presidents broaden curriculums, but put `learning' first
Britain's budget gets a boost from US
`I felt the whole pageant was being put on for me'
Lawmaker says amnesty for illegals may strain population and resources
An inviting overture to poet/novelist Stevie Smith
Pioneer explains why he moved into the jungle
Tearing down the theater
Mideast agitation spurs US, Arab diplomacy. `Moderate' Arab nations show signs of coalescing
Alfons'in seeks US moral support. Argentine leader is also after economic aid in US visit
Rich and poor
British, Indian traditions blend in Mulligatawny Soup
Cincinnati Symphony's Michael Gielen: the surprises keep coming
The future of Asia
Swiss teen-ager Michela Figini is world's top female ski racer