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Monitor Archive for March 18, 1985

You shall be comforted
Tennis courtship
Gulf war intensifies in land, sea, and air
Now everything has taken off
The nation's lawyer
MX vote this week to test Reagan's hard-line tactics
British miners may take a second look at their leaders' credentials
Soviet hard line convinces Belgium that it should deploy cruise missiles
Arming Afghans: a tortuous task. Many US arms are siphoned off along mazelike route
Others learn to corral industry, too
About our page for children
Conflicts between family members? Try negotiating a contract
Sunbelt success a dappled pattern
From VW, an unlikely way to ply the open sea
Which stock exchange had best '74-84 returns? Hint: not Big Board
Britain voices Europe's qualms about US strategic defense plans
Cubs, baseball teddy bears no more, look for encore to '84 success
New Hampshire law providing local property tax relief faces court challenge
An instructive study on women and crime in the Victorian era
From PBS, an adoring tribute to Judy Garland. PBS pays adoring tribute to the Judy Garland legend
From `Seeds': a flavorful sampling
West sequel disappoints
Just nice to get out
Meredith Monk retrospective: as varied as its creator
The Sea
Teen-age pregnancy, When the mothers are also children
Great expectations
Kernels of hope for better schools
Helping children to like themselves