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Monitor Archive for March 11, 1985

A pair of golden hands
Between the notes
Shifting Africa from aid to food production
Play ball?
Those who size up technical charts see a market top in spring
US, Soviet negotiators set to begin arms talks. American team has `great latitude,' but experts ask, will it be enough?
Education policies
A note on a pillow or in a lunch sack: messages of love and support
New Mexico's fountainhead of printmaker's art
Venture capital. Funding for fresh ideas is on the rise. In US, a sag yields to long-term appeal
Nonprofit theaters: bigger audiences but even bigger deficits
How to `run and not be weary'
Border attack on Israeli troops shows rising Shiite ire
Industrial expansion: when it's `exported' overseas, US is a loser
Romania under communism: waiting it out
Canada studies public aid to parochial and private schools
Unions, employers engaged in negotiating duel over `givebacks'
Jobless rate declines
Luther Bible modernized
How venture capital works . . .
Woman's view of running a big-city police team
Venture Capital. Funding for fresh ideas is on the rise. In U.K., Thatcher sparks innovation
Beethoven in Hawaii
UN worries Chad will be the next Ethiopia
US jobless rate slips a bit. But it remains at 7-percent level because economy is barely keeping pace with growing work force
A man who works to build Indonesia into a technological `Japan'
A once-and-future America? Author says lean era ahead will revitalize families, communities
Eudora Welty short story makes a drama of atmosphere and humor
Vaughan, Slaughter elected to hall after years in on-deck circle
Pet worms and parent-teacher conferences. All this shall pass, says the lady with the answers to parents' questions
Building a new American dream
US, Soviet negotiators set to begin arms talks. Soviets stress sharp differences with United States, particularly over `global threat' of space weap...
Greek President Caramanlis resigns. Prime Minister's refusal to back him for new term prompts move