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Monitor Archive for March 1, 1985

Real estate groups draw clearer lines for who represents whom
When a young girl awakens to adulthood: a poet's first novel
Domestic issues complicate US global ties
Bird-dogging for hard-to-find software
`Shooting the breeze' in England
Middle-class souls on ice
Children's books: the cream of the crop
Hoyt Wilhelm on the knuckler, relief pitching, and Cooperstown
Maine Indians move into a new, brighter era. Passamaquody and Penobscot tribes investing new wealth in the future
Ask An Architect
Tomato bumpers
Emerging from the black bourgeoisie
Down, not out
Anita Brookner's novels: old moral choices without the old rhetoric
Tom Mee sells fog -- the real pea-soup, trench-coat stuff
Getting Amtrak on track
Zimbabwe's economic success
A fascinating `Nova' on math; capital-punishment documentary
A novel that uncovers the value of self-reliance
Business highlights. Moody's upgrades Cleveland bonds
High-tech crept into Chinatown and it may soon creep out again
`Breakfast Club': honest try at a penetrating movie about teen-agers
Career guidance
A magazine about literature in any tongue, from Tagalog to Yiddish
New York arrests launch major Mafia sweep. Law officials hope to encourage more witnesses against organized crime
Ethical training for America's warriors
Morality in art: is it a lost cause?
UN report accuses Soviets of massive rights abuses in Afghanistan
Bay State Democratic Party needs to cultivate political grass roots
Andrew Salkey: writing in the international language of oppression
When turnabout is indeed fair play
Publishing a self-punishing book
Network terror
DISINFORMATION. Truth is the best defense. Case study: Japan. Prominent reporters did KGB bidding
Synfuel fat
A Purple Heart for Stockman
Between soft covers
US woman's acquittal may warm US-Nigeria ties
DISINFORMATION. Truth is the best defense. CASE STUDY: WEST GERMANY. A Czech ploy that worked -- but only briefly
US trade deficit
DISINFORMATION. Truth is the best defense. Free press and active political parties uncover lies
DISINFORMATION. Truth is the best defense. Case study: France. The conviction of a longtime agent of influence
Wales: where we all can be at home
Greatest MFA hits; Handel's birthday fete; Bip; `Stage Struck'
Labors of love for a house with a view
Keeping synfuels on the back burner
Casting moral puzzles: a novelist on her craft
Goldwater's trading post and other reader responses
RICO, a 1970 federal law, netted alleged mobsters
Greyhound's marketing map adds some household products