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Monitor Archive for February 6, 1985

The graying of America
Camembert cheese: an alternative to the Yuppie favorite
Budget pages harbor the obscure, from halibut to helium
New Zealand makes waves for US Navy
Shavian wit and style at the Arena Stage
PORTUGAL still learning the ropes. A young democracy charts across choppy electoral seas
Speaking the right language
USSR may be willing to work with the West on global problems
With viewership dropping, France pulls the plug on state monopoly over TV
New angle on the partnership of two great leaders
Inquiry into the mysteries of the hive
For a Valentine of substance, try a homemade meal
An alphabet our parents didn't teach us
Is US too tough on Poles seeking asylum? To Andrzej K., the process can seem daunting; to some analysts, America isn't doing enough
Your pension kitty probably isn't beating market averages, but it's ahead of inflation
Turbulence in the South Pacific
What to do to straighten out errors in your card charges
Saying no to evil influences
Olajuwon, Sampson give Rockets a boost
Reagan's 3 `new' aides. Friedersdorf, Buchanan, Rollins fill key staff posts
Fostering insurgency: `learn from the street'
Debate surrounds hunting wolves with aircraft and radio collars