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Monitor Archive for February 5, 1985

`The loose-leaf library'
Ask the Gardeners
My favorite kind of silence
Metaphorical mishmash from N.Y.'s Circle Rep
Whoever she was, she could write
Avocados and tourists fuel Spaniards' push to catch up with richer European neighbors
Reagan budget message leaves no doubt: defense comes first
Soviet leadership in transition. Uncertainty at the top puts policy initiatives on hold
For the science-fiction enthusiast: serious reading on futuristic films
In Peru's jungles a lost city -- and a culture -- found
Crop pickers struggle after Florida freeze
Change in South Africa comes slowly
Political courage
`Where's my teacher today?'
Washington clouds
How Socialists hope to stay put in France by bolstering business
US capitalism: Are sharks or porcupine fish the danger?
Seaweed keeps garden pests at bay
Opportunity's now
Korea says it won't jail Kim. Announcement comes after Reagan invites Chun to US
Alexander Smith on essayists
Security on West Bank is political liability for Israeli leader
Energy goals in US and France
Norfolk, Virginia. Once-forlorn waterfront now boasts a sleek pavilion of fun, entertainment, and food
Mozambique under siege: rebels threaten pact with South Africa
US message to Israel gets louder: do more to salvage economy
Algeria mends fence with US in hopes of protecting N. Africa
Hollywood meets Russia on location
Indoor miler's bold forecast; Kosar's future; Bennett to Bucs
God's presence and ageless being