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Monitor Archive for February 4, 1985

Releasing prisoners
Randall Robinson: man behind anti-apartheid protests
Universities provide hands-on training for future filmmakers
Low labor costs draw US companies to Mexico
Yalta's mark on world indelible after 40 years
A Christmas postscript: when dogs and fish come out to play
Highlights of the 1945 Yalta agreement
A Christmas postscript: when dogs and fish come out to play
`Doomed Love': a crescendo of images based on folk tales and old movie clich'es
NATO: getting Europe and US together
Quotable quotes
`Blessed are they that mourn'
Soviets get their hooks into Japan's fishing
New Democratic chairman takes over a party in search of itself
Ver trial opens in Manila -- but critics are skeptical about court's credibility
Madrid opens Gibraltar border, seeks to woo Gibraltarians to become Spaniards
France and the Socialists -- an experiment. voters may scuttle. Economic slump has turned policy from nationalization to stress on free enterprise,...
Massachusetts Democrats to meet, regroup
Straightening out IRS computers: a taxing problem
Gusto and unpretentiousness from the Negro Ensemble Company
Tradition picks up modern beat as flamenco meets rock-'n-roll
Recording family memories. Quilts, albums, journals, videos -- all evidences of love
A supply-sider's juicy `inside' look at economic policymaking
Nations cooperate to save a threatened giant: the sea turtle
The gift baked into a streusel coffeecake
76ers can match Celtics' talent, and maybe their chemistry too
Baker gets Senate approval while Meese, others wait
Grasping the nettle of values and interests in foreign policy

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