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Monitor Archive for February 28, 1985

CASE STUDY: The `Spiegel Affair'. One man's disinformation may be another's free press
Tax-reform bandwagon. More lawmakers are jumping aboard, but they still can't agree on how tax code should be changed
2 cents too much
As I snap on morning
The West wakes up to the dangers of disinformation
The memoirs of Wright Morris: views from an unconventional angle
Big Tokyo question: Will US ask that curbs on autos be extended?
A caring nation
Civil rights veteran John Lewis still marches to unmistakable drumbeat
GOP planning early strike at Democratic incumbents in US House
Studio model
A recession by 1986? The all-important question
Agribusiness center will show off everything from fish farming to tractors
Cracking down on crime
Many Salvador peasants find only disappointment in land reform. Sharecroppers who scrimped for years to buy land wind up with eviction notices
Dismantling apartheid
They didn't need my old Philco
Landing a job as publisher: a 10-year sprint to the top
Einstein's `time warp' theory. It has been reconfirmed in a new experiment
An oil importer's run-in with Tokyo rules
A Morse code of earth, sky, and sea
How best to move away from Pinochet
Marcos voices his support for hard-line forces in military. Philippine leader will reinstate Ver if general is aquitted in murder trial
`A little further'
Teachers' importance