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Monitor Archive for February 26, 1985

`Coming of Age': a bizarre comedy
The Philippines braces for a power vacuum
Ralph Ellison on what he learned
Shakespeare's advice
There's a Trojan horse built every minute, parading lies as truth
Tactic: Use a fraction of reality
PBS's `Victory Garden' -- 10 years old and flourishing
Malone's streak of not fouling out recalls Wilt Chamberlain's
Modern gem of Irish literature rescued from oblivion
The miracle of Love
Tactic: Recycle the lie again and again
Four hearty hikers plan record-setting North Pole trek
Meese at Justice: continuation of conservative push
American Visions -- the publisher tells why
Celerina: a sleepy Swiss village offers super skiing -- and more
Half of British coal miners give up the fight
Pat Buchanan's return
US steps up pressure on Ethiopia. AID chief says US wants relief trucks to be allowed into rebel-held areas
Airbus, Europe's joint aviation operation, runs into turbulence. Plane producer getting good orders, but organizational problems appear
One view of network TV: the public needs less waste, more taste
Researchers hope to find `right' whales, but right place is elusive
Thunderstorms predictable at last
Norwegian spy case promises political bombshells within NATO
Commerce secretary asks White House to loosen antitrust laws
Tactic: Hide a forgery
Nigeria fights disarray with discipline
The humble battery slims down and charges up
Nicaragua, again
A nation of gardeners values its `old-timers'
Strengthening education
Two sisters
Lively revival of O'Neill's stormy `Strange Interlude'
Steady-as-she-goes prospect has US supply-sider happy
Governors show the way