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Monitor Archive for February 22, 1985

As France turns, so turns Le Monde
Barely a flutter at the world's first walk-through butterfly zoo
A too-somber look at Chaucer's genius
Revival of J. M. Synge's rueful comedy has power without polish
Timeless music
Ask an Architect
Fast-paced news show favors one-liners over in-depth discussion
A few fundamentals on financing a new house or condominium
Mexico asks US to ease border checks
Australia's `brain drain' linked to research decline
Going where it's warm
Staying where it's cold
A musical that's like a Rockwell painting. Nostalgic comedy, `Take Me Along,' is now at Washington's Kennedy Center
`Preppie' ski academies supplying US team with young racing talents
The ins and outs and roundabouts of real estate incentives
Junior-high pupils, officials find ways to defuse school violence. Federal project in three school districts shows discipline improves as students t...
Like Moscow, Bulgaria contends with rising Muslim population
Worldwatch warns of need for greater energy conservation
Jay Hammond: Alaska's pioneer politician
Arabs try to push ball into US court. But PLO-Jordan pact may not be enough to entice Reagan
New chemical weapons talks sputter
US farmers' woes being felt down the agribusiness line
First Commandment promise
Three keynotes of interior design
Benefactor supports US college education for 2,500 Lebanese
Revisiting Yalta