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Monitor Archive for February 14, 1985

US could help close Egyptian-Israeli rift
Import restrictions put the squeeze on Isuzu/Chevrolet Spectrum
Golden wedding
Sri Lanka looks for foreign military aid to quell Tamil insurgency
Saga of a fired Saudi minister shows King Fahd's dilemma
Suffolk County Jail saga reaches Chapter 14, end may be in sight
Ideology and decisionmaking in foreign policy
The Vietnam experience: a springboard for compassion
Good news for connoisseurs of film lore and footnotes to the movie industry [BY] By Daniel M. Kimmel
Opera and politics: Dresden celebrates its once-famous culture
US farm policy: Doing too much for too many?
Watching the dollar's rise
Thatcher government and the jobs issue
Nicaragua to enlarge draft as contra war gets hotter
Borrowing: for profit, not loss
Why falling farm prices put the pressure on Midwestern banks
Half a century later, `Monopoly' game still monopolizes US
Vietnam's twofold drive: batter the Khmers, court the US
Cape Cod ponders the cost of urbanization
What price proof?
Presidential panel tells how US can help industry meet world competition
Photos by R. Norman Matheny: Emperor penguins and a killer whale share Antarctica's coastal area; US flag (far right) marks the geographic pole; fla...
Graphic film raises intensity level of US abortion controversy
Cold facts of a frozen continent
Israel losing its Lebanese militia as withdrawal nears. But defections in Israeli-trained force seen as not delaying pullout
Sanctuary congregations and the law
Diesels to dolls, China and US emerge as major trading partners
US seeks Europe's support for `star wars'
A vibrant and welcome change. Chamber Orchestra of Europe making its first US tour
NBA All-Star game a scoring display; surprising American skiers
The marriage counselors
Schwartz letters tell sad tale of early genius gone sour
A modest proposal