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Monitor Archive for February 13, 1985

Symbols of community, virtue. America's Country Schools
New Zealand: trouble in paradise
Pentagon budget brigade's forced march toward '87
Loving to see
The-rich-get-richer theme -- a think-tank economist adds some fresh figures
Nicaraguans feel the bite as Sandinistas raise food prices and devalue currency
Whether -- and how -- to pick a tax preparer
Escape the indoors; hit the ski trails, slopes or take a sleigh ride
Exodus -- a political parable for all time?
Forest under the rain. (after a painting by Ann Tabatchnik)
Enchanting and evocative peek behind Queen Victoria's mystique
David Puttnam and his refreshing view of filmmaking
Bank integrity
The healing of confusion
Farmers buffeted by turbulent foreign markets
New England inns sound the cry: `Soup's on!'
A haven of warmth and good food on a stark Scottish island
To Saudis, King Fahd falls short of ideal
The US tries to feed famine victims in rebel-held areas of Ethiopia
Tasty `fakes' from shrimp to steak
Chatting with the Met's Eva Marton -- a voice all can applaud
Solutions for poverty
Love--and differences
Bennett's education
Gillette tries to shave away at South Africa's race laws
San Diego power politics hinges on mayor's trial