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Monitor Archive for February 1, 1985

Novel of terror, or terrible novel?
In the land of Marcos and Bongbong
To our readers
Sales of NutraSweet bubbling -- and the owner hopes to sell it off
Faulkner critics take careful aim -- and frequently miss their mark
When a publisher courts controversy
Award-winning children's books
Between Soft Covers
Memories of Rich
`Movie Guide for Puzzled Parents': helpful in some, but not all, cases
No complacency about OPEC's troubles
Murders, she writes
Two `eccentric documentaries' -- done between major projects
`Harrigan 'n Hart' -- two 19th-century theater legends
Four novels that deal in danger
A detail man peeks at credit for '85: high demand but no crunch
Brazil's Neves seeks stronger ties with US, downplays third world
The China market
The system works

Schoolchildren shatter opera's illusion of elitism
In this land deal, building materials are included
Greenland waves farewell to the European Community
The popularity of Seamus Heaney
A magazine devoted to the dissection of TV
US computer software companies do well overseas, despite the dollar's strength
Europe tries to tackle racism
Writer Maya Angelou, a `hunter of the heart'
For ME? Who's ME?
Roots of the consumer society. Business as a concept and a culture through US history
Treaty pledges make cuts in foreign aid difficult. Camp David pact alone commits US to spend big sums
Harum-scarum topsy-turvy hurly-burly words
Lugar launches quest for consensus. Shultz, Weinberger restate Reagan administration foreign policy aims
Democratic SPAIN claims its place in modern Europe
Clearing the mists of adulation: a fresh look at Eliot
Anchorage skies look pristine, but they're among most polluted
Virginia Governor Robb sees trouble, and hope, for Democrats
A personal touch in publishing
Of friendship and manipulation