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Monitor Archive for December 4, 1985

Quebec Liberals drub separatists, promise to boost business
Making or revising a will can be a timely gift for leaving wise legacy later
Standing at the center
The pivotal role of the art critic. A classic by a scholar, a report from the front by a journalist
Canada's direction
Another Kennedy set to toss political hat
Program for Festival of India -- two-year feast of Indian culture
Polish leader's visit to France is seen as bid to shore up image
News In Brief
Winter evening
Increase in imitation cheeses
Bum Phillips out, but son in as Saints' coach; Miami sinks Bears
Joan Sutherland chats about her newest `big sing'
Unknown Shakespearian poem found in 17th-century Oxford tome
Repeating pattern: as trade gap grows, so does weight on President to cut imports
Filipinos watch political circus with mixed feelings. Acquittal of Gen. Ver rouses anger, launching of Aquino campaign raises hopes
Perspectives on Geneva summits: 1985 and 1955
European Community leaders seek greater unity
Eerie silence hangs over East Berlin. No word on when -- or if -- E. German leader will visit West Germany
Bonner appears to have endured rigors of exile remarkably well
EGYPT. Tragic end to hijacking deals blow to Mubarak's foreign policy strategy
The end of Britain's island reserve?
Homemade ornaments for the family Christmas tree
Peking criticism worries Hong Kong
Dominion over addiction
AFRICAN JOURNEY, Ruaha under fire: trying to protect a unique Tanzanian national park
Resisting credit pressure
General Dynamics under Pentagon's gun again. Indictment of 4 executives is latest of company's contract troubles
Making a gingerbread house
Partition pass'e
High-tech offers a hand to the handicapped. Students, teachers learn new uses for computers, optical readers, radio
Final coup showed Kasparov's ingenuity
If it's 2 a.m. on Saturday, are the stores still open?
Computer enables young man without a voice to talk about marriage, basketball
Reagan faces batch of domestic issues: taxes, budget, farm bill, etc. Meanwhile, the 1987 budget battle is looming just over the horizon
Defending academic freedom
Cairo police gains `feminine element'
Taking the artistic leap of faith. Goodman's new head sees fresh direction for musicals, classics
New York City ready to charge a dollar for a subway ride
Canadian art that almost melts the snow
Letters to the Editor. On thanks, anthems, and peace
Pennzoil award has Texaco in tough fight
Aquino bid worries Marcos
Putting a lid on the skyline. Troubled by wind, shadows, street congestion, and incongruous neighborhoods, several American cities are considering l...
Peppers in every pot -- and almost every color
Women's role in Catholic Church: cultural diversity produces opposing views. Concerns of women in West and developing countries differ widely
Proper skepticism about US counterterrorism aid
Kean draws a political crowd. GOP aristocrat won over black and union voters