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Monitor Archive for December 31, 1985

Understanding Islam
Over the surface
Is the sanctuary movement being persecuted?
Afghan guerrilla leader: Soviets have made significant changes in tactics
Spain and Portugal set to test waters of European Community
Gotta dance?
On the open road in the USSR
Pasadena's 1890 tribute to its favorite flora has blossomed into a national ritual
How to break the telephone link to credit card fraud
Looking back to last years's fun and ahead to new goals
Cultural magazine introduced for `forgotten' middle-class blacks
Happy old year
Is party switch of former Austin mayor part of a trend or merely opportunism?
Spice up your cooking and cookies with cloves
Guatemala resists US pressure to toe line
After five years, Reagan is still pushing ahead domestically
Open kitchen doors to the little ones and create a cookbook together
Zia tries out democracy
Israel: handling retaliation with kid gloves. Commitment to peace talks, US support, will influence response to Arab terrorism
News In Brief
Albania courts West Germany in bid to improve technology
1985. World news in review. This year the world weathered recurring waves of terrorism, natural disasters, and military coups. There were hijackings...
An oil-import tax could boost US revenues, but it has problems
Marcos's delay of military revamp slims chances for free election
Hopes dim for S. Africa talks in 1986. Whites have hardened their opposition to compromise following a wave of attacks by blacks. Monday's arrest of...
Moving away from mobile missiles: a feasible proposal
Standup comedian in saddle shoes. Robert Klein furthers comic ado on Broadway The Robert Klein Show! Written and conceived by Mr. Klein. Musical dir...
Wild cattle endanger habitat at state park. Airlift proposed to save animals from being shot
Guide to Halley's comet
Seemingly minor wastes pollute US waterways
William Dean Howells at the ball
In the future, a computer may replace your bookshelf. Encyclopedia on disk marks initial venture into electronic publishing
What's your potential?
Storm clouds gather over mayor of the Windy City
Winnie Mandela: fighting for 20 years
Patriots, Giants advance to Week 2 of NFL playoffs
Why Kennedy pulled out: the economy
Eagles eye Shula -- David, that is -- as team's possible new coach
More than terrorism: progress in the year past
Two years out of nest, the Bell babies wing into new airspace