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Monitor Archive for December 27, 1985

Sino-Soviet handshakes
Riding herd on Boston's impatient, rambunctious drivers
January Sky chart. Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Repeal of surtax -- laying nickname of `Taxachusetts' to rest. Still needed: reform of tax system. Is state moving toward a `grad tax'?
Ugandan accord
How to avoid getting hit by Halley's comet
How to keep your car in tip-top shape
Afghanistan: Soviets get tougher. But refined tactics fail to break guerrilla spirit
Brush strokes
Freeze Frames. A weekly update of film releases
So gallantly streaming, but so unmoving
`Little Haiti' struggles to keep hold of American dream [BYBy Marshall Ingwerson, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Helmut Schmidt's proposed strategy for foreign policy
'84 Olympic surplus helps finance urban kids' sports
A determined few try to improve life in Gaza
Korean family counts on teamwork in Philly marketplace. From portable stand to booming business in seven years
Deny disease?
A coal ship helps keep New England lights burning brightly
Crowded skies to bring more regulation
The fragility of human relationships examined in `Benefactors'. Benefactors Play by Michael Frayn. Starring Sam Waterston, Glenn Close, Mary Beth Hu...
Sorting things out with Honey
`Reader friendly' history of British Isles
Just like the big city
Young racers in good early showing, but veterans still look strong
US-Israeli relations after the Pollard affair
Spirit of optimism helps business boom in Montreal. Renewed prosperity linked to decline of separatism
Afghan guerrillas get aid from Red Cross, French, . . .and now Palm Beach
Poverty, joblessness at root of tribal violence in S. Africa. Tensions rise after workers return to townships for holidays
Highlight of 1985: summitry. Superpowers began major phase of postwar ties
Letters to the Editor. Education's underside
Sugar gone sour. Economic crisis in the Philippines
Texans not sure whether to fine tune or scrap education reforms
News In Brief
Zia to loosen grip but stay in control. Under growing pressure, Pakistan's leader is expected to lift martial law soon. But he will still hold the r...
Sketched at the museum