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Monitor Archive for December 26, 1985

Fuel-saving power plant also wins as oil prices slip
When cities shun their roots
US economy undershot forecasts for '85
US millimeters its way toward metric units
Spanish democracy: a mixed verdict
San Francisco joins rank with US cities defying immigration laws to help aliens
Smoothing exchange rate waves
Memo to editor, Boston: Britain closing for holidays, and this reporter with it
Old man recovery to keep rolling -- with a few waves -- in '86
First-class images at second-class rates. Post cards prove the perfect vehicle for this photographer's work
Crackdown on Haitian illegals
US foreign policy -- and Mr. Shultz's short fuse
Letters to the Editor. Asia's unity bid
Government's case in sanctuary trial hurt as key witness's credibility dims
News In Brief
In East Africa's wildest park, lions, hippos, and poachers creep in the night
Technology tapping in on privacy: a question of law and ethics
A 19th-century opera gala restaged on TV
Chewy, tasty bar cookies -- first choice for busy cooks
Violence in Punjab raises concerns about finding lasting peace
How much safety is enough? Balancing the risks and costs. Critics say the FAA reacts only after mishaps point to problems
`A virtuous and commendable proceeding'
Recordings The year's best
Too many kicks could spoil playoff pie; James sets yardage mark
Skills training: a place to start
Lemon market order's bitter taste [BYBy F. Philip Stinchcomb.
Helping farmers
Famine: major progress, but crisis remains
Capitol Hill battles tested leadership. Next year will be even tougher with elections and fiscal realities
`Mystery!' casts a new Miss Marple. In quaint case of `The Body in the Library'
How to eat dinner without offending your comrades
British youth: Is there a future in their future? -By- By David Winder, staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Worth noting on TV
India, Pakistan: tension ebbs
Gaza's Jewish settlers. There are only a handful, but if Israel were to give up Gaza, they would present a major political problem