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Monitor Archive for December 20, 1985

Potvin closing in on Bobby Orr's scoring records for defensemen
Volunteer ads offer sobering reminders on drinking and driving
Christie's offers bidders a bearnanza
High-altitude losses at TWA put Icahn's takeover in doubt. But airline's unions are adamant against his rival from Texas Air
Quest for safer air travel marks end of a bad year for commercial aviation
...And Unlearning
`Healed is thy hardness'
Freeze Frames. A weekly update of film releases
Letters to the Editor, Environmental concerns for China
Christmas season in New York
Gandhi the troubleshooter. Indian leader eases strain with Pakistan, reassures smaller neighbors, and lessens internal strife
The Artisans of India
No hostages
Cocaine connection: wealth, violence, drugs and Colombia
What was perfume for?
Green light for Philippine election delights oppostion. But communists disappointed: now they have to work harder
Islands gain freedoms, US keeps missile test sites in South Pacific
Le franais: link for a new commonwealth
Is making New Year's resolutions still a viable option?
Calligraphy by night
Spielberg scrubs and softens `The Color Purple'
News In Brief
Israel sees new ties with Ivory Coast as foot in black Africa's door
Mickey Mouse to set up house in France. But some worry about effect on French culture
Choo-choo, pang-pang
Spy case brings sea change in US-Israel ties
Military commander of West Bank: crackdown has stopped attacks on Jews
Geneva: lingering but receding euphoria
UPDATE: The African Famine
Kudos to Beacon Hill for reforming `workers' comp'
Kaleidoscope of Japan as seen through 100 lenses
Home fix-up
The struggle for Eastern Europe
Chez Disney
Louisiana politics is hot as Cajun food. Governor's mistrial latest chapter in history of spicy politics
Curbing organized crime
Pros and cons of cultural intervention
California city tries to limit number of dogs citizens may own