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Monitor Archive for December 2, 1985

Women's sports and Title IX: a paradox
Seed migration to US heartland marches on . Movement that started in Fertile Crescent is still improving crop strains
Congress faces platter stacked high with legislative leftovers. Deficit-bill impasse stalls action on other major issues
News In Brief
Job or no job, Ver fights to protect his influence in Philippine armed forces
When story time is short, try these fast fairy tales
How one family discovered life after television
Wall Street appears to have still more fizz
Fanning an ember of peace: US-USSR academic exchange
Former diva, now director, aims for new dreams
Olajuwon emerging as NBA force; Ewing makes his presence felt
Peeking at '86 economy indicates modest growth in US should continue
Restoring the reputation of a `literary hardhat'
What the students say the teacher said
Saint Gaudens: great sculptor or sentimental craftsman?
Hotel fire-safety systems in US need to be upgraded, study says
Israel scrambles to mend US ties. Apologizes for alleged role in Pollard spy case
Boys Clubs (girls now included) step with the times
International business analysis spots the high-risk countries
Playing for the Orchid Lady
A determined Peres pursues improved ties with Egypt
Charles Kuralt's beat is the minutiae of America
The perils of reporters in the Philippines
Bigger fingers at the keyboard
Colombian President emerges stronger than ever after two national tragedies
All thoughts of curtain rods vanished
An author who paints on a smaller canvas
84 Rolls-Royces bought as liquidation of guru's Oregon commune continues
Closing in on hazardous waste
Rail attack shakes Japan unions. Sabotage by extremists within ranks puts unions on the spot
S. African threat to invade Zimbabwe marks major rise in tension
Letters to the Editor. Fundamentalism and the Middle East
Without naming Israel, Reagan says US will still `root out' spies of any nation
Islamic fundamentalism: currently on the wane
Panel asks for national action on parental leaves
No setbacks to spiritual growth
Islamic renewal troubles Southeast Asian leaders. Revival sparks violence in Indonesia, Malaysia
Taiwan struggles to keep its distance from mainland China
When talking to Mikhail, Reagan first spoke to Dimitry. Presidential interpreter gives inside view of summit