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Monitor Archive for December 16, 1985

5 arrested in Philadelphia race protest
Exuberance under control. Idelle Weber brings dynamic balance to paintings of garbage, flowers
Halting the billion-dollar march of war toys and war cartoons
A boy at the Futurama
Virginia's lesson for the Democrats: stick to center and avoid fringe groups
Arrow Air crash raises questions about charter flights. Officials look to the plane's maintenance log for causes
Letters to the Editor. Kurdish identity
News In Brief
`Young Sherlock Holmes' is a portrait of the detective as a sleuthing schoolboy
Britons watching new comet in the theater
Teaching children how to use the telephone
Will Afghan-Pakistani talks affirm Soviet shift?
A trip to Gramm-Rudman's fiscal 1987. Despite murky picture, bill is expected to shave paychecks and growth
The Henry Ford of the computer industry looks after his employees
After Williams and McCovey, who else belongs in Cooperstown?
Qaddafi skips French-African summit, but is center of attention
Superfund -- sensible financing
Chinese appear confident: only children won't be spoiled children. Communal way of life can stem selfishness, leaders say
Washington's new consensus on Central America
California elementary school experiments with classroom of future
Shultz in East Europe confers on human rights. Links favorable US trade ties to improving record
Blue chips' stellar show has investors looking in the wings for OTC play
Designing the future
USSR and Afghanistan: history's lesson
The budget-balance act -- a step-by-step boon or a cheap way out?
Rocky roads
Revolutions in consciousness and the desire for peace
Afghan resistance leaders strive for unity to battle Soviet occupation
As oil prices fall, Mexicans lose confidence government can cope
Reagan's last-ditch effort. Hoping to retain influence with Congress, President pushes for widespread GOP support of tax reform
Pentagon faces tough choice between arms or forces to field them
Israel irked by US scrutiny
Village Vanguard: Max Gordon's 50-year jazz fete
South Asia links
How have women fared the last decade? Two programs evaluate their progress
How Digital Equipment ducks IBM shadow
Fleet of books on ocean liners
Lionni: out of pure design, stories children love