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Monitor Archive for December 11, 1985

Major medical group seeking ban on print advertising of tobacco. But opponents argue such a ban would violate freedom of the press
Deficits and defense. Balanced-budget bill could shackle Pentagon efforts to plan for or buy weapons efficiently
Roundheads and Cavaliers join forces to save the Littlecote Armoury
Cookbook selections from the latest stock. American food, herb cookery, Transylvanian cuisine
BRITAIN/Church, state lock horns over inner cities
With Yelena, 4 generations of Russians all under one roof
Addicted to the tax code
Tracing the roots of Expressionism in German art
New Zealand-US conflict reignites. Proposed law threatens to sink longtime defense treaty with US
Israel fears that US questioning of officials could open `can of worms'
Fancy desserts, Southern cooking, ethnic recipes
Rambo bubble gum: First Chew Part II
Twentieth-century art: resistance to modernism -- Part 1. American art celebrates cornfields and common folk.
Crowded church shelter for illegal aliens causes stir in small Texas community
Argentina's democratic progress
A holiday sampler of entertainment in New York
ANTIQUES/Historic house on and off the auction block. Wiltshire locals convince owner not to sell Tudor manor and its contents
Opposition split: big break for Marcos
Argentine activists pledge to keep rights issue alive. Court sources expect nobody will be satisfied by verdict in juntas' trial
Letters to the Editor. Nicaragua
For now, St. Louis is one-paper town. 134-year-old daily has new management, but no funds to publish
Try a new-fashioned fruitcake, with peanut butter bits or pineapple
Queen Victoria made a Dorothy bag for Cousin Ada
Tennessee set to begin prison reform
EUROPEAN COMMUNITY/Far from a United States of Europe
On the rooftop
A dandy book, written and illustrated by the `incomparable Max'
Fun flight launched young lawyer on path to world balloon title
News In Brief
How others judge superpowers
Peru steps up war on cocaine industry. US-funded squadrons stage airborne raids in key drug-production area
Ginnie Mae's hot cakes*
Judicial college helps judges keep up with trends
In a grand way
Historic meeting in Belfast gives Irish Republic first say in rule of Northern Ireland
Oil prices and world growth
America's `Italian connection' -- the ties are frayed
Polish leader says government enjoys good ties with unions, church
Asians, Central Americans, Europeans add to tide of illegal entries into US
World's fairs aren't cheap, but Vancouver expects a big pay-off
After McFarlane
The sisters rose early to catch the morning tints
PBS does injustice to Verdi's `Falstaff'
Terrorism vote