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Monitor Archive for November 7, 1985

Worth noting on TV
Mazda's rotary engine is still going strong in the new RX-7
STAR WARS. Will it work? The challenge of mission control
Jaruzelski resigns as prime minister, but still holds real power. Polish general to continue as Communist Party boss
US, Soviets share evidence on former Nazis; 'emigr'es protest
To what degree are religious rites constitutional rights?
British Queen's speech promises more `Thatcherism'
Revamping US foreign aid to help the hungry
Duarte faces rising criticism over economy, civil war, kidnapping
College football's top 20 teams
What future for KGB defector? Speculation in Moscow is that he is destined for obscurity
A computer-driven player piano that addresses the artist
Latin music with a new message
Park Service chief defends 6-month record. Conservation groups say he may not be as effective as they first hoped
A rare staging of `Brand,' the play that made Ibsen famous
Is there still time for compromise?
Stemming the debt buildup
Travels with Humphrey
News In Brief
Opposition groups stage two-day demonstration against Chile's military regime
Europe moves toward high tech cooperation with Eureka project
Peking to peasants: slow down. Government can't afford to pay for record harvests
What music looked like to Paul Klee
Low harvest year promises sold-out silos in Canada's grain belt
Poland: change at the top
Italian government is reborn, and may be stronger than before crisis
Glitter gone, but Shanghai seeks to keep pace with the new China
The Car: London museum show finds `common sense' winning out over pure aesthetics in auto design
Abortion, rent controls, nuclear-waste disposal among issues voted on Tuesday
`I paint a good deal, but I don't often get a picture done'
A more spiritual outlook on demands
Providing survival skills and support for older women
Shuttle mission puts a feather in Europe's space helmet. Flight boosts ESA's bid to be counted as a full partner in US space station