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Monitor Archive for November 22, 1985

Portugal's future
Maurice B'ejart plays with the shapes of ballet and comes up with a glitzy image
Blameless and harmless
Update. The African Famine
Voices not heard at Geneva
Immigration -- and US foreign policy
Yonkers segregation case could set pattern for other US cities. Manipulating public housing led to school discrimination
Did you have turkey? No, we had chili
A new chapter in East-West ties
From Vietnam foxhole to the Army's highest post
News In Brief
Is Massachusetts getting the most for its law enforcement dollar?
Freeze Frames. A weekly update of film releases
Anglo-Irish accord rouses N. Ireland Protestants' ire. Thatcher may find it tough to make agreement fly
Rising racism in Sri Lanka's ethnic strife weakens fabric of nation
Teamsters, meatcutters strikes mean empty shelves for many S. California stores
For African villagers fame is a mixed blessing
The Geneva Summit. Joint Statement.
State, local self-help programs to get aid from Ford Foundation
Honduran vote: key issues ignored. Candidates won't discuss US role, low living standards
Holiday in Bremen
Pitching anthems
The German of Italian politics sets a record for longevity in office
Letters to the Editor. On improving textbooks
Geneva's promissory notes
`Walden' on the freeway via classic cassette
It looks like Tennessee's time in South; UCLA sniffing roses again
Attitude of Quebec's francophones softens as French gains dominance
Personal computers at college. Dartmouth reports positive results -- and concerns
Home fix-up
Though less visible in media, S. Africa's unrest rumbles on
The Geneva Summit. World begins to assess outcome of `fireside summit'. US sees better superpower relations in the future
Roman Catholic synod to look at 20 years of Vatican II reforms
The Geneva Summit. Gorbachev gives Soviet press its cue
A picture book for Chaplin fans
Political insiders spin chilling, improbable campaign scenario
Back in the USSR, dancing under pressure. `White Nights' leaps into a promising start, but trips on its own melodrama
Dole's farm proposal a `piece of art'
How Smith-Corona tapped its way into black ink after several years in the red
Central Europe's delicate balance of ethnic groups is wobbly