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Monitor Archive for November 21, 1985

Mutual interests compel leaders to grope toward arms control
Cycling couple just keeps rolling along after Olympic success
Stronger than ever, NYC Opera wraps up a good season
Canada waxes warm for free trade with US. Shift into American economic bloc has been surprisingly harmless
In Kenya they `farm like stink'. But rising costs threaten small-farm traditions
`Even there'
CIA attempts to put finger in leaking intelligence dike
Hondurans to vote for president, but Army likely to pick winner. US hopes for a model election could well be disappointed
Prejudice in Japan. Plight of Japan's minority parallels that of US blacks
PBS offers a prep course for the close encounter with Halley
Spring Summer American Style Bright colors, slim lines, and adapted styles of yesteryear add flair and a new softness to today's minimalist fashions
New US coins that glitter
Pakistani flight attendant honored for heroism during hijacking. Naila Nazir credits an upbringing that stressed caring for humanity
So far, winds of divestment on South Africa haven't had a ripple on US stocks
Labor Department booklet predicts high and low growth rates for jobs over the next decade
Geneva Summit. Summit's real value comes after Geneva
Aerostar moves Ford into the minivan market
Trouble-shooter Waite faces tough odds on mission to free captives
Schoenberg warned me his concerto's difficulties were . . . . . . greater than Berg's
French politics heat up as election campaigns gather steam
Tending to survivors of Colombian eruption
A veteran press observer looks at the government-media connection
Merce Cunningham Company: the supertechnicians of dance
Fathoming Beethoven's genius -- a still-unfinished task
Conditioned reflexes
Turkish leaders try to counter growing fundamentalism
More women moving into state politics. With cuts at the federal level, many want to stay
Anglo-Irish relations enter crucial phase following agreement
Prejudice in Japan. Korean minority battles for basic civil rights, cultural identity
Cunningham sees dance as a constant transformation of life itself
Thanksgiving Day, 1985
Trivializing Mussolini. Miniseries trashes the life of the father of Fascism
News In Brief
Weinberger flap
College football's top 20
Iraqis insulated from economic, but not human, costs in Gulf war
Balancing rehabilitation with punishment in juvenile crime
The strengthening of democracy in Honduras
As the gun total mounts . . . and mounts
Calling offensive cease-fires a gray area in college football
Proposals for UN human rights reforms
Worth noting on TV
US public opinion generally favors `star wars'
Prejudice in Japan. Unlikely hero: his case sparked civil rights movement