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Monitor Archive for November 15, 1985

What you need to know about the SUMMIT TALKS. Soviets, Americans look for a workable relationship
Massimino weaves tight-knit feelings into Villanova basketball
FREEZE FRAMES. A weekly update of film releases
Arms reduction will top the Geneva agenda
A transmitter to keep track of children and pets
Peace groups view summit. European groups hope to reclaim lost identity
Defense in sanctuary trial hangs on a twig and jury compassion
Colombian democracy
Do-it-yourself hints for putting some sparkle in your own backyard
Dallas artist sheds light on homes and gardens
New Caledonia
The process of arms reduction
`Mother, let's make an adventure of it'
Pragmatists have upper hand as Reagan heads for Geneva
Next month: Mutual funds
A lush first novel full of fire and force
Kohlberg appears to win hand of Beatrice
Then Grampy told about pogies
Warmer ties with Syria give Jordan leverage. But they also highlight constraints on Hussein's peace efforts
California proposal aims to make teaching a true `profession'
How to place price limits with your broker on stock transactions
`Cash balance' pension posts workers on fund status
Trend line of US economy is upbeat. (With this column, the Monitor welcomes Leif H. Olsen, former chairman of economic policy at Citibank, to its pa...
Trade curbs
Restoring the public's confidence in Massachusetts election laws
Yupik Eskimo Walkie Charles feels tug of two cultures -- and enjoys the best of both
Film poet reflects on signals of the unfree
Scaling the language barrier. California school's bilingual education success story
Peace groups view summit. US organizations try to make their influence felt in Geneva
Charting your retirement with dependable figures
Soviets: spy case an indictment of US
News In Brief
Jazz has a beat, but does that make it a time zone?
Value your individuality
In final runup to summit, US officials play down outcome
No thanks, just looking . . .
Hoose, Sylvan save BSO chamber outing. BSO's top honchos gave their Symphony Hall best, but where was the soul?
President Reagan's historic choice
Yurchenko: probably a KGB plant
Home Fix-up
US has a home-grown brand of terrorism
Retirement now offers security; it's up to you to pin it down