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Monitor Archive for November 14, 1985

Blowing the whistle on waste, mismanagement at Pentagon
Boston's Chinatown views growth on its fringes with a wary eye
Grandson of a slave alters the character of Southern politics
Growing concern in South Africa over black unemployment
Geneva summit: full steam ahead
White House gaining ground in trade war with Capitol Hill
A settlement on its way in?
Israel's Peres tangles with opponents of peace talks
To add the touch `which makes the whole world kin'
Latest sexism skirmishes center on the right to be `considered'
Elections watched for signal on Brazil reforms. Mayoral voting will gauge support for Sarney's plans
Art video: a young maverick that deserves more serious attention
News In Brief
Falcons a grid force; extra-pointless streak
College football's top 20 teams
Changing antifreeze coolant helps check car corrosion
Healing the `people-rubs'
Syria's latest peace effort in Lebanon comes unstuck. Christian leaders oppose pact reached with rival militias
Anglo-Irish agreement: a modest beginning
Soviet schoolchildren learn to use computers -- and zap Martians on the side
Reagan charts his course to Geneva
Job options for women over 40
Adams & peace
Special prize for Cuban-Americans. Miami's new Cuban-born mayor wants to make city `one neighborhood'
Young people talk to peers to prevent suicide
The summit: seven proposals to consider
In the year of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach
Summit positives
Power is addictive
Dog haven marks birthday with a growl
Master chefs serve up electronic cookbooks
`Kane & Abel' is a good yarn -- no more, no less
Certainty of punishment may deter spies more than stiff sentences
US business looks to the summit for signs of more Soviet trade
Looking at what laws were intended to do. California firm helps lawyers interpret legislation correctly
Worth noting on TV
Liberian leader Doe is back in saddle, but reins of power not yet firmly in hand
HOPPER. What American painter Edward Hopper captured with a brush, art historian Gail Levin hunted with a lens. Juxtaposing the artist's realism aga...