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Monitor Archive for November 12, 1985

Democrats on the run
A radical proposal for disarmament
Michael Graves shakes Manhattan with his museum add-on
Virgil beneath Jove's mighty oak
AUCTION. A trio of violins on Sotheby's stage
The National Gardening Association keeps growing
Rubens stars in a regal art collection
Covering South Africa gets tougher. TV crews willing to abide by new rules, but insist they'll cover big events
Better half?
Rush to protect abused children may trample rights of accused. Isolating young victims may obstruct due process
Rematch question up in air after Kasparov wins world chess title
Thoughts on the boomerang spy -- ideology, romance
NGA/Gallup gardening poll
Books exploit, but don't explain, Vietnam
Guatemala's likely President-to-be is optimistic about return to civilian rule
Watching the bandwagon in stocks: time to hop on or jump off?
How Nebraska bank sows 3rd-world trade
STAR WARS. Will It Work? The politics of space
Reverberations in the Gulf
What will Nancy and Raisa talk about?
Philosophers in a landscape
South Africa and college activism
Regardless of its merits, balanced-budget plan has too rosy a scenario
The gloomy reason for Romania's bright moonlight. Nation's economic crunch dims the lights
Scientists urge nations to plan now for icecap melt
Foreign phone companies line up for Chinese market
Indoor activity teaches children about outdoor animals
New idol is busting out all over France
North Yemen has many reasons for playing down oil potential
Monarchs of Monterey. Why they come is no secret, but how do they find their way here?
Washington bids farewell to royal couple
Giant hillside horses of England remain landmarks of mystery
TV's opportunity for service at Geneva