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Monitor Archive for November 1, 1985

Liberian election results questioned
Canadian author Farley Mowat. Poetic plea for the environment by a writer barred from the US
When revolutionaries dress for success
Chronicle of guru's trouble and flight
Mexican tourism, a key to recovery, springs back after earthquake sag
Freeze Frames A weekly update of film releases
Documentary Film Week out to prove fact as rich as fantasy
No room for corruption in state government
Chicago's `Refrigerator' is talk of NFL at halfway point of season
Salvador's tensions heightened by kidnapping
For younger readers. Folk tales from foreign lands
Humorous books for age 8 and up. A trio to tickle the funny bone
Jews in Hungary thrive under nation's conciliatory laws
Denver employment program helps Hispanic women
Compelling tale of Boston desegregation: Journalist's book teaches like a textbook, but reads like a novel
Press freedom in Latin America
Editor's Choice
Presummit maneuvers. Soviet moves aimed at creating fail-safe position
Buffalo, N.Y., mayor's race becoming a battle of personalities. Challenger Arthur finds `nice guy' label may be an election hindrance
Guru's commune faces hostile community, internal problems
Now in Paper
Boston's continuing search for `common ground'
Before shopping by mail, learn how to choose and use the catalogs
Home fix-up
Objection overruled!
What `nice' people talk about in the family garden Aunt Dan and Lemon Play by Wallace Shawn. Directed by Max Stafford-Clark.
Author interview: Jim Trelease champions reading aloud to children
The great miniseries question. Do you have 12 hours to view pre-Civil War drama?
The rise and fall of Project Stormfury
For all ages. Fairy tales: New versions of some old favorites
Adventures of a spunky medieval heroine
Indians of many nationalities chafe for more representation
For science buffs. Sharing the wonder of Halley's comet
Presummit manuevers. Washington, Moscow step up diplomacy as summit approaches
Moscow's pull in Beirut. Release of Soviet hostages shows Moscow can manipulate strings Washington no longer holds
Planning first national King Day celebration
The role of negotiations in ending El Salvador's strife. Release of In'es Duarte brings hope of cooperation
`Lots of love, Harry'
News In Brief
Power play in Israel. Advisers to Prime Minister Peres trying to force partners out of ruling coalition
`School of the ecstatic.' Devotional, emotional life and music of Messiaen
We took our pay in candlelight dinners
God's will and predictions about disease
Close encounter of a very different kind. Carl Sagan turns from science fact to science fiction
Proposed law would make pornography a human-rights issue
Small steps toward peace in East-West and Mideast arenas
From a child's perspective. A selection of fun stories for beginning readers
Unlocking the mysteries of innovation. From Pyramids to plastics, a look at the progress of technology
HURRICANES Responding to timely warnings holds the key to tempering their impact