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Monitor Archive for October 9, 1985

Underneath smoke of deficit debate blazes fire of reform
US Hispanics want to stop flood of aliens. Chairman of Congressional Hispanic Caucus says lobbyists don't reflect that view
Soviets show conspicuous restraint on arms issues at a conference
Canadian publishers alarmed that Time may return
What we can learn from Thomas Hardy. His unpretentious poetry still teaches lessons of directness and balance
Waking up from insomnia
Farrakhan's dual message draws cheers and sharp criticism
The designer label extends to spinach
Auto prices are up, but you should look before you lease
US totes up job cost from losing F-15 sales
Federal funds set aside for social studies. High school students particularly weak in history and geography
Bausch's cold splash at Next Wave series
Ethnic variations spice up an old American standby
Russian philosopher-clown simply expects you to find him funny
Benton and Pollock as seen by Barbara Rose
Seoul plan for world growth
Violence, not appeal keeps white supremacist groups in the news. Viewed as anomolies, hate groups can't muster political power
Port Alfred formula -- talks
LIVING HISTORY. Hard work, family unity, simple joys: spending a weekend the way it was in the 1870s, at the Washburn-Norlands Center
Thomas Hart Benton looks at our sunset and talks with Dad
Expatriate's novel of Chilean revolution
Italian officials search for diplomatic solution to hijacking of luxury liner
British Tories beset by joblessness, riots, Labour gains. Conservatives know their image suffering, but feel media treatment is unfair
Ship's hijackers: trying to sink peace process?
National League Playoffs
ABC drama looks at get-tough program for unruly teens
Panamanians seek probe in murder of oppositionist
The king of exotic cookware and kitchen catalogs
No Camelot in Muscovy
News In Brief
3 items for the grocery list
Pitching, defense could be key to Dodgers-Cardinals playoff duel