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Monitor Archive for October 8, 1985

US a safe haven for paramilitary groups that provide legal mercenary training
WEST GERMANY Police clamp down on anti-Nazi protests
Ethiopia moves to hold down number of Americans working on relief effort
Blomstedt takes San Francisco Symphony helm
SOUTH AFRICA Botha ready to alter some laws of apartheid
And in the turning
Nixon's advice to Reagan
The `normalization' of Poland
Reagan pulls US away from World Court
CUBA Havana restoration brings back the city's yesteryear charm
From the author of `Plenty,' a cerebral satire with more than a touch of humanity A Map of the World Play by David Hare. Directed by Mr. Hare.
British violence brings a first: use of lethal arms by rioters
Garden blossoms into European tour
Hashish -- the `petroleum' of Lebanon's Bekaa valley
He was `Born in the U.S.A.'; now he's grown up
High court closer to middle than right or left would like
Going for the gold. Sandy black sludge is pay dirt for Finland's champion panners
Remarkably tender for its time
News In Brief
Scientists listening more closely to hear if there's anybody `out there'
`The joy of paths untrod'
Evenly matched Jays, Royals duel for American League pennant
Gorbachev's desire to perk up Soviet economy will put pressure on him at Geneva
Letters to the Editor. Africa in the forefront
Britons debate police methods in inner-city areas. Blacks charge harassment while whites say police not tough enough
Farm spending will make it tough to balance US budget. Congress, eyeing elections ahead, feels public sentiment for farmers
Searching for a moral perspective. John Fowles scans past for that which he can't find in the `amoral' present
Turbocharged drivers run on Model T oil reserves
`The loose-leaf library'
Mr. Reagan's response to the Tunisia raid
Political asylum for Soviet youth masks legal gains for parental rights. At 12, Walter Polovchak refused to return; US citizenship is ahead
Calvi This tiny town claims to be Columbus's birthplace
Gorbachev in Paris
Monetary trends set world stage for economic growth, trade shift. Japan wants even more rise in yen to avert US barriers
Ask the gardeners Q&A
Late night points of order
Heat exchanger swaps stale air for freshness
Illinois wins newest Japanese auto plant
John Donne on treasure and shadow