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Monitor Archive for October 28, 1985

Labor needs `more of today and tomorrow, less of yesterday'. AFL-CIO meets to try to halt the drop in unions' size and influence
US aid to Angola plays role in presummit posturing with Soviets. Backers say US must support Reagan's stand on Soviet intervention
Robt Day writes to the children
Mexico. The ultimate domino?
Pitchers were in command in most games of 1985 World Series. Starters especially strong for both Cardinals, Royals
Soviet plan gives less optimistic view of country's economic future
Silberman's latest report lauds strength, success of American Jews
Trade-off in a German plant: flexible hours in return for high-tech advances
This year's Series has been a second-guesser's delight; Herzog critical of umpiring
Impressionist paintings stolen in Paris
Two years after Grenada, US still debates effects of invasion
`Why strike when purpose of the strike has failed?'
Federal Reserve chiefs pack clout, but we can overdo their importance
Turn humdrum errand routine into a special playtime for children
A cultural revival in France. Bretons regaining pride and prowess in their heritage
The way to pick out a picture book is to spend time looking at the best of them
Bombings focus attention on issues in Mormon faith
Harvard's startling Sackler. Challenge was to fit museum into `architectural zoo'
Bourses abroad are mirroring Wall Street with brisk run-ups
Spy wars: a year of discontent
Conductor Sinopoli digs deep into the core of a score
Kohl presses for regular contact between Reagan and Gorbachev
Exploding the US `debtor nation' myth
When it comes to buying tires, construction is what counts
Letters to the Editor. Advantages of bilingual education
After cheers abroad, Israel's Peres faces critics at home. Rivals challenge Mideast peace offers Peres made in UN speech
News In Brief
Striking Continental pilots `sue for peace'. Airline's ability to prosper, despite picket lines, undercuts walkout's effect
S. African controls extended to news media. Pro-government newspaper says newsmen give false image of country
Sharp images of an unromantic West
Serenity in an anxious world
Slowly but surely, college textbooks are becoming more rigorous
Controlling Africa's population
Middle East peace: the Peres proposal
In Asia, US protectionism looms ominously. Proposed trade bill would cost region up to one-third of its sales in the US
The `I's' have it in Cricot 2's `Let the Artists Die'
Iron grip of networks and Nielsens may be cracking -- what does it mean?