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Monitor Archive for October 25, 1985

Why history texts flunk the inspiration test
Textbook maker's view: the ground rules need to be changed
Letters to the Editor. The summit and Halley's comet
Prodding a reluctant Marcos toward reform
Bygone days of the president's house
Unpressured activity

Mr. Reagan at the UN
Duarte's daughter released in El Salvador. But chances are slim for dialogue between rebels and government
Hot spots that Reagan says threaten US-Soviet relationship
California -- a state with clout -- speaks up on textbook quality
Black filmmakers look to set history straight
Battleship-base opponents fight to let New Yorkers have their say
Peace Corps at 25: `We've traveled quite a ways'
What to watch for from other drivers on the road
PEACE 2010. Excerpt from the essay of Joan Kufrin, Chicago
Tito Landrum is surprise World Series star. Little-known reserve outfielder, pressed into service because of an injury, has come through at bat and...
Keeping public dialogue away from the issues
Israel's Peres steals the show from US pre-summit maneuvering
`What do you think of the shirt on Page 67?'
A maverick publishing house that bucks the big business trend
A revealing experiment in revamping `dry and boring' textbooks
Home fix-up
Four decades of extremes -- from abstracts, to realism, to anything goes
Rethink China nuclear pact
Time bomb in steel industry. Wheeling-Pitt pact could upset wage par, work rules
`You got a roof jack?'
March of the Great Islamic Crusade. Journalist's book explores roots of this source of terrorism
Update. The African famine
Facing the Palestinian reality
Galvanized steel girds cars with corrosion-resistant properties
Does a TV pitch for soap or soda pop belong in an art museum?
Product-claim insurance puts squeeze on European industry

Fraud charged in Liberia's first one-man, one-vote election
US doesn't expect change overnight in the Philippines. But Reagan emissary, civil unrest warn Marcos reform needed soon
Freeze Frames