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Monitor Archive for October 24, 1985

Lessible decibels
Lifting the shade of gloom
blackthorn rose
ART IN OUR CENTURY Part 1 . Cezanne to Pollock -- the growth and diversity of modernism
Pop and beyond
Points to consider before going to the service shop
Achille Lauro
Syrian President Assad sticks to his guns. Syrians say recent events have vindicated his hard-line stance
Inflation and your '86 paycheck. September CPI helps set tax rates, social security payments
A British purveyor of retail tradition seeks spiffier image
Firefighting computer is nearly as fast as lightning
`Tender Is the Night' -- a splendid cable miniseries
Worth noting on TV
Tips on tailgating, wildlife in the roadway
College football's top 20
Chrysler pact may set industry pattern. Agreement rewards workers for sacrifices; keeps company competitive
Cambodians on border living in limbo. Many of the Cambodians want to go home, but politics and war keep them stuck somewhere between home and resett...
Final days for village where loggers enjoy the comforts of home
Casablanca revisited fifteen years later
Third world: rich nations pay UN ideals little more than lip service
Significant Middle East steps
Whale swims up a lazy river; and scientists want to send it back to sea
Letters to the Editor. Defense in space
Lunch with the competition
British Commonwealth ends week-long summit
Importance of bullpens spotlighted in early World Series games
Despite rains, harvests, Africa still needs aid
Congress wants to `even odds' in East-West spy game
Government union leaders punished for political connections. Controversy builds over limits on political activity by federal workers
When jurors oppose the death penalty. Supreme Court case could reverse many capital sentences
Vita-Mix story tells of the birth of a salesman
When Poles vote
Pollock's `Psychoanalytic Drawings'. Revealing works are on the market, but are they too private for exhibition?
More drivers must `buckle up or pay up'
Recovery ripples through industrial lands
Cadillac awaits its Italian-designed Allante. The luxury-car company hopes to challenge the Mercedes 380SL
A model for welfare reform
Debate intensifies over how far `star wars' program can go. US officials say USSR fought ABM treaty curbs on missile-defense tests
East-bloc allies call for `fresh approaches' to end arms race