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Monitor Archive for October 2, 1985

US and USSR: two perspectives on the world
Working for peace
How-to tips on food canning, preserving, and freezing
Letters to the Editor. Justice in America
Shakeout time is near in the long-distance telephone industry. You may choose your company -- there's help for casting your vote
Those cooking solo or for two can experiment with `mini' recipes
The problem with post-bop jazz. For poet-critic Larkin, jazz lost its way when it forgot audience
Changing of the Senate
Enhancing UN performance
US adopts wait-and-see attitude on South Africa reform. Rev. Sullivan would give S. Africa 19 more months to change its tune
Die-hard critic reflects on jazz's era of `refinement'
AFRICAN JOURNEY. On to the bamboo forests, jungle ravines and alpine heather of the Abedares
You're a funny man, Charles Schulz!
Panama gropes for leadership
Bears find offensive accelerator with McMahon; join Rams at 4-0
`Pardon the inconvenience' -- some afterthoughts on Gloria
Soviet leader to find a cool reception on his visit to Paris. France is a loyal Western ally, Mitterrand will tell Gorbachev
Relief work and persistent prayer
Tragic tale of country singer Patsy Cline
Anon `Reddy'
BIRMINGHAM RIOT. What fanned the flames that burned Handsworth
Soviets feel the heat from their Mideast involvement. Soviet ability to free hostages seen as limited
Movie scene
News In Brief
Challenger Kasparov was off at the wire in renewed world play. Karpov, taken by surprise, quickly turns the tables
Shakeout time is near in the long-distance telephone industry. Battle lines for phone lines set; stiff competition may produce casualties
Arms buildup, raid on PLO threated Mideast. Middle East countries beating their plowshares into swords
At French markets, the beets get baked before they're sold