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Monitor Archive for October 18, 1985

Nicaragua: afraid of freedom?
Salvador prelate plays central role in kidnap case. Rivera's apparent breakthrough in bid to free In'es Duarte shows church's clout
It's not just a job, it's . . . a job advertised on cable television
Allies wary of US summit view. European diplomats unconvinced that Reagan administration will stick with narrow interpertation of ABM Treaty
Update: The African famine
Mr. Nixon as arbitrator
Israel emerges as big winner in Mideast crisis. Support from US hits newhigh as US-Arab rift opens
Singapore's success depends on training teachers and tykes
Financial planners seek some regulation before it seeks them
Do we `ignorantly worship'?
Nobody here has pulled that one in 173 years
`The thinking man's cartoonist'. Sir David Low aroused Britain's sense of humor, not horror; new book and exhibit look back at the cartoonist and hi...
Biographer looks for the romance in four literary lives
Israel, US hopeful on peace process
Recent buying binge feeds GNP in last half of '85
The glory of fall
Sifting faith and action, Bishop Cousin seeks religion's `wholeness'
Letters to the Editor. The history of great nations
In films, it's a season for strong women
World Series Schedule
Wheeling steel's Ferris wheel -- can he turn a profit now?
20th-century art trends
The charge of the bull market
The economy and the stock market -- focusing on the '86 outlook
West Bank's changing face. New Jewish settlers less politicized, Arab youths more so than their West Bank predecessors
Cards, Royals meet in Series thanks to stirring playoff comebacks
Beef industry faces an identity crisis in the shifting meat market
US hot after money laundering
Sheep farmers enjoying good year skirt US agriculture's tough financial times
S. Korea's normally high growth rate now in an ominous slump
Above the commotion
Bespangled Liza Minelli belts out a concert full of surprises
Artist's holiday
Religion and the hurly-burly of politics
Freeze Frames, a weekly update of film releases
Massachusetts builds a granite `fortress' for its historic treasures
`How, now, Dow?' A look at a rough but ready market gauge
News In Brief
Beatrice, another big buyout
How a top market analyst regards Wall Street for next year
Honda revamps the popular Accord
Craxi expected to rebound. Italian premier resigns over Achille Lauro hijacking, but is said to have best shot at heading new Cabinet
Peering into the murky future of the home computer
American Design 1900 - 1985. Whitney Museum exhibition of 20th-century design highlights an array of modernist trends
True story of race to the South Pole